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Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
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Don't Throw it! Preserve it!

The best image "The Throw Bouquet shot" and with out a doubt the funniest!!

Heres the reasons behind it...

Why does the bride carry a bouquet? The origin of this tradition is a little blurred…. One of the reasons that brides carried bouquets was born out of the ‘necessity’ of covering odor, trying to smell pretty on that special day.

Ever take a tour in one of the older cities in Europe, let’s say Edinburgh for example? It was a very odiferous lifestyle way back then! In the 1600′s and for a very long time afterwards, people bathed extremely infrequently.

According to the Huffington Post, during the 15th century, people took their yearly baths in May and would generally get married in June. Just to be safe, brides carried bouquets to mask the smell of body odor.

You will find this reason repeatedly if you research the tradition behind the bride carrying a bouquet. Another old and popular custom for carrying a bouquet, was to ward of evil spirits. Usually these bouquets were made from very pungent herbs, spices and yes, garlic could be involved.

I am thinking that you could kill two birds with one stone with a garlic bouquet; evil spirits and evil odor could be knocked out with one bouquet! Oh the old days!

Sometimes the spices/flowers that were included in the bouquet, for example; dill and marigolds (edible) were added and subsequently served up at the wedding feast to promote lust.

So think about the fun that you can have with your bouquet! I will paraphrase what I recently read in “a blog" with regard to the tradition. “In ancient times, a bride was considered especially lucky on her wedding day. So, guest were compelled to tear off parts of her dress to obtain a good luck talisman for themselves! Not all brides cared for this activity, as it seamed unpleasant to have their clothing ripped from her bit by bit, compliments of the guests. So it evolved, that the bride outsmart her guest by giving an offering of herself; enabling a guest to obtain a lucky talisman and allowing herself to keep her clothing intact: she starting throwing her garter and bouquet in lieu of pieces of her dress.”

I was glad to find this article, because it now explains to me some of the crazy bouquet grabbing, or should I say tackling behaviour that I have witnessed at some of my family, friends and brides weddings! Somewhere around the 1700′s brides started carrying pretty bouquets, because: bouquets are pretty! and, this tradition is still in style today. bouquets bring beauty, elegance, a touch of the color scheme, and a bit of the old custom to your day.

There are many florist shops and compnaies for your bridal flowers, if you are looking for a good florist here in Essex and surrounding areas - We will be putting together a list of some of the best,

because we have seen some really creative, elegant, and impressive bouquets here in the studio.

Dont Throw it - Preserve it! so have a throw bouquet made... you get to keep your bouquet forever and you get to see some funny action when you throw your throw!!

Good luck and we hope to preserve your bridal boquet.

Best Wishes

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