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The House Of Bouquet Preservation

March 13, 2016

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We Pick up 7 days a week! 9am through to 9pm - Free of charge within the County of Essex, call us for surrounding counties and London! we could be passing....

The Process: 


You have a wonderful wedding day, and enjoy your flowers!


Your bouquet flowers are collected by Flowers Forever and Ever at your convenience.


Your flowers are then carefully prepared for our preservation process.


Over many days, the moisture is removed from the flowers, keeping them at the right temporature and conditions at all times. Maintaining their beautiful preserved conditions. 


Once at room temperature, the flowers are then removed from the preservation and carefully prepared for the artwork!


It is at this stage, We will call you to choose your bespoke frame (if you havent done so already.)


Your flowers are then carefully arranged by hand in the style you have chosen.


The frame is then sealed, and is ready to be delivered/picked up and cherished and loved by you forever and ever. 


You live happilly Forever and Ever After


Best Regards

Team FFE



Image by Jasmine Jade - Thank you 

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