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Dont Throw it! Preserve it!

Your Questions Answered

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The Before & The After - The Forever Ever After

I don’t want my display to be the same as someone else’s.

Every bouquet is dismantled and reassembled by hand. You can split your bouquet to produce more than one piece of artwork or add other items and create something totally unique to you. You can also choose a conservation mount board in a colour to complement your display. You will not see another artwork the same. Click here to view our colour chart 


How long will my display last?

Because we use Ultra Violet glass, the flowers are protected from sunlight damage. We do recommend that you don’t display the artwork under direct light or near direct sunlight.


What’s a dome finish frame?

A dome frame sits flat on your wall but shows a dome over the flower display. This gives a 3D look. See the image to the left for an example of a Domed Frame.


What’s the difference between a deep box frame and a narrow box frame?

Since every bouquet is different and the number and type of flowers vary, we need to ensure the flowers sit inside the box frame without touching the glass or becoming cramped. A deep or narrow box is selected by our experts to best suit your flowers.


Do I have to display my artwork on my wall?

We can hinge your artwork so that you can display it in two halves, to sit on a mantelpiece or other piece of furniture. Your artwork can also be displayed in a fireguard to use as a beautiful centrepiece.


Is there a guarantee for my display?

Yes there is a guarantee. Your artwork has been professionally created using materials specific to flower preservation. The picture framers professional tape works in conjunction with the process to ensure the display is airtight and will not deteriorate. We recommend that artwork is not hung in direct sunlight or above a radiator.

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