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Dont Throw it! Preserve it!

Prices & Dimensions from:

Prices From:-


Funeral 8 x 8 from £150.00

Aerial View from £250.00

Full Bouquet with handle from £300.00


We have a full bespoke art meeting before your artwork is designed and commisioned! its your flowers,

be bespoke, and have a special

unique frame,

a 3d picture of the memory of your day.






Box Frame    6 x 6 

Box Frame      8 x 6  

Box Frame      10 x 8

Box Frame      10 x 10

Box Frame      10 x 12

Box Frame      12 x 12

Box Frame      14 x 14

Box Frame      16 x 10

Box Frame      20 x 16                                  

Box Frame      26 x 13                                  

Box Frame - Double or Standard 19 x 12     

Box Frame - Standard 23 x 14                     

Box Frame - Triple 23 x 14                          

Box Frame - Hinged 2 Apertures 6 x 6         

Box Frame - 1 or 3 Apertures 20 x 8          

Box Frame - 3 in 123 x 10                              

Italian domed 20 x 16                                  

For a quote on your flower or wedding day bouquet preservation


  Call: 07931 756190 

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Box frames, preservation studio, essex, interior design,3d art

What you can expect from Flowers Forever & Ever

We have an initial preservation fee, depending on the amount of flowers, either a bridal bouquet or flowers kept from a special memory or occasion, please call us for your cost of preservation and your payment is due when we take possession of your bouquet.

This payment goes towards the chemicals and preservation products needed for your order.


Once we have received your bouquet, we sketch and photograph all the flowers and record every fine detail. This enables us to recreate your bouquet exactly as you carried it on your big day.


Your bouquet is then dissected and each element is processed through our preservation procedure which is specific to that particular flower or foliage. This takes on average 8 weeks depending on the type of flower or foliage.


Once this process is complete, our designer will contact you to make arrangements for you to come to our Gallery in Billericay or our Gallery near Colchester, to create a design and choose your frame. Your design may incorporate other elements of your special occasion; a button hole, a photo or a poem, for example.


After you have chosen your frame, we arrange its manufacture. All our products are made in the UK however some materials are procured from overseas, which can take time to arrive with us.


When your frame is ready, we begin to create your artwork. From choosing your frame to receiving your finished artwork, can take up to 3 months.


Contact us and we will happily provide you with an exact quote.

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