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The Flower House Of Preservation Essex, Flowers Forever And Ever
A Work Of HeArt In Progress
Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
Work In Progress At The Preservation House, Flowers Forever Ever
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The House Of Bouquet Preservation

Bouquet Preservation came to our attention over 20 years ago and we are now experts in the techniques, dismantling, and the reconstruction of bouquets, and family tributes. Its rather exciting actually, as every bouquet that is received is so different, it's like a little box of chocolates, what materials have they used? what are the variety of flowers? how was it made? what is the quality of the flowers? How will the customers want it displayed in their frame? Its so much fun, and such a rewarding priceless piece of artwork!

The average bouquet takes a couple of hours to carefully take apart, after photographing, drawing the flower design, they are then carefully placed into preservation. All the special, pins,ribbon,crystals,lockets are recorded and stored, and the process of saving your flowers has begun.

When the design meeting is booked, its fun to see what is added, those special items that our couples and customers wish to keep safe, and, placed in with their flowers... The artwork begins with a slight drawing on the design board, and then carefully the floating art is created, as each flower, petal is secured into position, from the photos and drawings taken, the art, design is carefully created from their beautiful flowers received of their special day, or a special memory.

We match the moulding, of the frame with couples and customers home interior. All the woods and frames are hand crafted close to our workshop gallery and each part of this special keepsake is manually created, with love, care and attention to detail.

The final stage is the best, the customers art is unveiled and collected.. Its here we see why, so many brides, grooms and couples want to keep such a special part of their wedding, their celebration, or the loving memory of a lost one. Their faces say it all, sometimes tears are a reflection of such memories of a day, or of a person they never want to forget.

So as we say at Flowers Forever And Ever - Dont Throw it! Preserve it!

Memories Are Captured Forever And Treasured Deeply.

Congratulations, and our warmest regards to all our future customers, and our past pieces of Art, hanging on so many walls throughout the UK and beyond.

You have A Little Work Of HeArt Forever And Ever.

A Priceless Memory Of A Fresh Beautiful Flower Design, that would be long lost Forever, if you hadnt chosen to preserve it!!!!

Thank you

Team FFE xx

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